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Giving Soul
I am the Warrior


I am the Warrior - an exhibition with Juneau Projects for the Pump House Gallery

The Pump House Gallery invited Jeni Walwin to propose an exhibition that would engage with communities near to the Gallery. Once the proposal with Juneau Projects was approved Jeni acted as the commissioner/curator of the project – working with the artists and the gallery staff to facilitate sessions with many groups of local residents.

I am the Warrior, installation views, Pump House Gallery

Artists Ben Sadler and Phil Duckworth, who make up Juneau Projects have long been inspired by folk art in all its forms. They are interested in the ways in which people are motivated to make things by creative desire, and not by the thought of commercial gain. With this in mind they conceived a plan for an open exhibition – in this case a genuinely ‘open’ exhibition where contributors are not charged to take part, there is no selection process, and all work submitted is displayed, if necessary on a rotation basis. The early days of the show are devoted to the work of residents from the neighbouring Doddington and Rollo Estate. Once open, the exhibition welcomes submissions from across the borough and the capital. Any work that results from creative activity can be submitted – this may include stitching, writing, model making, recorded sound, cake decorating, as well as more traditional art and craft works. The exhibition is in a sense a celebration of the folk art of this group of people.

The artists have created the backdrop for the show, generated in part from workshops with local young people – building structures, determining the exhibiting environment and a system for display. The gallery remains active for the duration of the show with a continually expanding and changing display which accommodates the possibility of performances, events and other activities during opening hours.

This exhibition has been supported by Arts Council England, The Henry Moore Foundation and Sambrook’s Brewery.

Launched: 22 October – 11 December 2011