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Graeme Miller ‘Track’ an interactive installation in landscape for 2016 WOMAD Festival

‘Track’ is a moveable installation that throws landscape through ninety degrees and sets it in motion. Face-up and camera-style, the viewer is gently pushed by their individual grip along a dolly track path, and invited to gaze up above them.

At Charlton Park, the work will be sited in the Arboretum, where the experience for the participants will offer a total shift in relationship with their environment. For the onlooker, that space is transformed by the vanishing tracks and the continuous, hypnotic motion of the viewers and the people pushing them.

Graeme Miller is an artist whose work stems from the radical performance of the 80s as a co-founder of the influential Impact Theatre Co-operative. His practice extended into his own performance works including ‘A Girl Skipping’ (1990). For the last 25 years he has presented live and recorded work internationally in galleries and public spaces. These include a series of installations that engage with social geography such as the ongoing works ‘Beheld’ (2006-) ‘Linked’ (2003-) and ‘Track’ (2009- ) that seek a direct interaction with locations and their inhabitants or viewers.

Established in 2010 by curator Jeni Walwin and producer Tammy Bedford WOMAD World of Art brings a programme of contemporary visual art to the festival, presenting and commissioning work that celebrates a range of cultural influences.

Track, Sardinia
Graeme Miller, ‘Track’, installation view, Charlton Park, WOMAD, 2016