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Co-editor and contributor
You’ll Never Know: Drawing and Random Interference
published by Hayward Gallery Publishing, 2006

Chance and random interference are essential elements of the creative process for many artists. In life, as in art, causal connections are often beyond conscious control: we are acted upon as much as we act. Like gamblers, the artists in You’ll Never Know positively welcome, rather than resist, the unpredictable – whether deploying ingenious drawing machines or primitive mark-making incorporating the accidental drips and splashes of ink, paint or mud. In the accompanying essays, a novelist, a scientist and an art historian explore the implications of chance as a factor in gambling, quantum physics and art.

Images: l-r
Richard Long, Untitled, 2005
Tim Knowles, Tree Drawing – Hawthorn on easel # 1, 01/07/2005 (detail)
Cornelia Parker, Pornographic Drawing, 1997
John Wood and Paul Harrison, Hundredweight, 2003 (still)

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